Universal hotel express pass and other questions

Hi all,

Can you tell me the cheapest hotel that offers express pass for the parks? Is it included with both a package and room only booking? Do they charge a resort fee? Any tips on booking a one or two night stay?

Generally Royal Pacific is the cheapest, but if there is a discount available you never know which one will be the best deal. One night will give you two days of express pass (check in and check out day). You can buy your tickets from anywhere. The three resorts are Loews Hotels and you can check any fees. There is a parking fee.


Every time I’ve checked royal Pacific is cheapest. It doesn’t matter how you book, the Express pass is included (it is your room key) this includes third party such as booking.com. One night is a great deal as it comes with 2 full days of the Express pass.

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This is highly dependant on your party size. My party of 6 stays cheaper in Portofino, but my cousin’s party of 5 stays cheaper in Royal Pacific. This is in early May.