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Have a question that I’m hoping someone can answer. We are staying at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort and would like to eat at some of the other Universal resort hotel restaurants including going to the Despicable Me breakfast at Loews Royal Pacific. Is there a shuttle from the hotels that you can take between the hotels? The only shuttle information I can find is between hotels and the parks.

There is no shuttle that goes from hotel to hotel. We were disappointed about that, because we were at Portofino and wanted to go to Royal Pacific for breakfast but the only way that made sense was to take an Uber.

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I thought there was a dining bus, but I didn’t look into it. I’ve seen it referenced either here or on chat - admittedly not for a good while.

I want to say that recently somebody actually looked into it and found out that they discontinued the shuttles running between resorts.


That’s a shame.

Thank you for your responses! That’s unfortunate…there are limited dining options at our hotel so we were hoping to easily move to the others to try out some new places. We can always Uber but that gets challenging with 7 of us and my parents aren’t 100% comfortable with that method of travel.

You could just take the shuttle to the parks / CityWalk and then either walk from there or take the other hotels shuttle from there. I was going to do that to get to Cabana Bay but ended up being too tired.


I thought about that but wasn’t sure if it would be too complicated…too many moves or waiting for buses. We have never stayed on site at Universal so this is a new challenge for us and hoped moving hotel to hotel would be easier. :woman_shrugging:t4:

If you can take a shuttle bus to City Walk, then you can either walk or ride the water taxis the rest of the way to Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, Portofino, or Sapphire Falls.

All the water taxis dock in the same area. You do not have to be a guest at the hotels to ride the water taxis except maybe later at night.

From our experience, a walk from Margaritaville in City Walk to Royal Pacific is about a half mile/10 minute walk. The walking paths show up well in Google Maps.



Thank you! The water taxis sound like they would be a nice option and a change from the typical bus or car.

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The water taxis are lovely, especially if you’re not either A. going to the parks in the 45 minutes or so around opening, or B. leaving the parks around closing. If you’re going the opposite direction as the normal flow of traffic then you’ll have little to no line, and they come fairly frequently. Then you’d take the same to get back to CityWalk to visit the parks after breakfast.


Has anyone ever done a sit down breakfast or breakfast buffet at Universal? What about character breakfasts? I’m wondering possibly for future trips.

We’ve done breakfast at Cabana Bay, but other than that, nothing.

There are no sit down breakfasts in the parks at all, if that’s what you’re asking. They’re all in the resorts or City Walk.

Friends of ours did the Despicable Me breakfast and highly recommended it!

Yeah, I meant in the resorts.

We did breakfast buffet at Royal Pacific. It was good, but I can’t remember if it was worth the money or not.

We liked the breakfast buffet at Trattoria Del Porto at Portofino Bay in 2017. A really good assortment of food options at a reasonable price for a theme park hotel breakfast buffet.

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The Islands breakfast at Royal Pacific was very good, and they have bottomless mimosas, if you’re into that.

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The breakfast buffet at The Kitchen in Hard Rock was gorgeous!


Royal Pacific also has bottomless Bloody Marys… so I’ve heard. :wink:

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