Universal Hollywood

Hello Liners! I know this is under DL, but I’m in need here :slight_smile: I am planning my first trip out to DL and USH. Of course there is an overabundance of information on planning for Disney, but not a lot out there about USH (in its post-Potter days). I’d love ANY tips, tricks, or advice you have on planning for USH. We have already booked a room at the on-site Hilton for a Friday and Saturday night with plans to spend Saturday in the park and maybe Sunday if we want or feel like we need to. A couple of specific things I want to ask:
1- Is the VIP tour worth the splurge on a day when the park closes at 6pm. This will leave only 3.5ish hours for us to see the park after the tour.
2- If we get a 1 day ticket ahead of time, is there an easy/cheap way to add a second day if we decide we need more time in the park? We will either be getting a 1 day with FOL or 1 day VIP and there are no “add a day” options in the online system that I can find.