Universal Hollywood - Where to stay, how long do we need?

We are fresh off of our WDW trip and starting to plan the next trip.
I’ve been searching for information on Universal Hollywood, but I am not finding a lot.

We are looking to take a trip to California in 2024, spend one night at Legoland, 1-2 nights at Universal and 3-4 nights at Disneyland.

I found a post that mentioned it can take 90 minutes to drive from DL to UH, so that rules out my plan to stay at DL and just visit UH for the day. I think we definitely need to spend at least one, probably two nights at UH.

What resorts do you recommend?
How many days are needed to tour UH? We are most excited about Super Nintendo World that is opening in 2023.

Thank you for your help.

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There are a couple right next to it they advertise in the book. I think one is a Sheraton but we stayed at the Hilton I think it was. We’ve also driven from Disney. It’s about 45 min on the return but yes it took 75 min in traffic on the way to the park. That was fine for us but staying in the hotel was also nice. You can do the whole park in one day easily btw so the hotel isn’t necessary if you’re okay with sleeping in a bit the next day from the disney hotel.

We stayed at the Hilton and at the time they offered early entry if you stayed in a resort hotel (I don’t think they offer it anymore).

You can do the whole park in one day currently - I’m not sure how Super Nintendo World will impact that. Their express passes are generally cheaper, as is their VIP tour, than Orlando. Their VIP tour gives you more time in the movie studio portion. Pre-covid, they would allow you on a set as well as the prop warehouse.

We are anxiously awaiting the announcement for Nintendo worlds opening in Hollywood- it’s been announced for 2023 (long before the Epic opening in Orlando)

This at least for my family has changed how many days and where we wish to stay for our first trip to California, and how much time we had allotted for Universal Hollywood- No idea how that will affect crowd levels ect my guess is first 18 months or so

Just something you may want to consider into your plans if you haven’t already