Universal for Young Disney Kids?

We’re visiting for 8 nights late August/Early September. My kids (DS4 and DS6) are Disney-philes through and through… but for variety (and for my non-Disney DH), is there enough for kids for a day or two at Universal? My kids don’t do anything scary (e.g. no Dumbo, but ETwB and IASW are okay…) but they like shows and playgrounds and slow rides. They like Curious George and Barney and Dr. Seuss. Should we do a day or two at US/IOA, maybe even stay a night or two at one of the Universal hotels? Thoughts?

The answer is maybe. Sorry I know it doesn’t help. I would go if money is not a problem use child swap ( you all go through queue together) 1 night in delux giving 2 days exp pass for dh.( check in from 6 am) The theming is amazing kids will enjoy it but you might not as the tickets are expensive for kids not to do many rides . There is enough to keep them amused and the pools are great and you can pool hop in both days. So I would go as long as you are aware if the above.