Universal Express Pass on New Years Eve?


Hi everyone,

We have saved and saved and managed to buy universal express passes for both parks for New Year’s Eve. Does anyone have experience of using express pass on category 10 days and was the extortionate additional price tag worth it, This is our once in a lifetime Disney / Universal 2 weeks x


Yes! We used it on Thanksgiving and the 2 days after years ago, and it was wonderful. You will almost feel bad for the people in standby as they watch you pass by them. Almost. Then you will remember how hard you saved to pay for them, and you won’t feel bad. Enjoy!


I’ve never been on a day that busy, but I always get the Express Pass. It just makes everything so much simpler. No need to plan. Just go wherever the mood takes you.

One word of warning. The “Express” line for Kong isn’t very express. I was somewhat irritated by how long it was. Presumably it’s still a time saving, but compared with many other Express lines, it’s still something of a wait.


We also used the Express Unlimited Pass over Thanksgiving and the day after a few weeks ago. It was AMAZING! We actually finished all our plans and left the park before closing because we had all done/seen everything we wanted to multiple times. Have Fun!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much everyone. I feel so much happier already. So excited :laughing: x