Universal Early Entry hours 2023

I know Universal is bad/late with giving hours particularly which park has early entry. However, I’ve been checking a little and notice that it seems that each month one of the 2 parks has early entry and the other doesn’t. For Nov and Dec it appears that IOA is the early entry until the week of Christmas when both have it.

TP however seems to operate on it switching every other day at least for January. I assume this is what it used to do.

My question is does anyone have any insight as what will happen in Jan 2023? We will be there 1/23 to 1/27 and TP has early entry switching but Universal hasn’t posted anything yet. We have breakfast reservations at both LC and 3B for 2 of our days and knowing which park is open early would definitely help with planning.

One additional question, which areas are open for early entry for each park? I know the HP areas are both not anything else.


Funny, I just posted recently regarding this:

We may only know in early/mid December which park(s) has EPA for January. I’m not positive but USF is usually Gringott’s, Ollivanders, Mummy or Minions, (which may only be confirmed January 1st).

The attractions operating early are listed HERE So keep an eye on that page for the schedule & attractions operating.


Good catch. I see USF has EPA from 12/26-12/31. It’s so weird, but that info can only be found on the app.

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I think I may have even read that thread. :woman_facepalming:

Also, thanks for the HERE link!

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Park hours were released for January, currently EPA is listed only for IOA on the app.



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