Universal Drink Options Refillable and Non-Refillable

I have read there were changes last year to the Universal drink options. Many blogs I looked at for some silly reason do not date their posts so I now don’t have any idea which set of explanations applies now.

  1. Can I still purchase Coke Souvenir Cups that are not for the Freestyle machines and get discounted refills on coke products at non-Freestyle fountains?

I did try and research that one but got tired of looking at dining options I wasn’t even interested in to see if their menu mentioned this option.

  1. Many menus I looked at said a Freestyle cup was $15.99 and went on to say you could get a discount purchasing multiple cups. None outlined the exact discount or discounts available.

  2. How many ounces are each of the available cups? I saw $3.69 fountain sodas,$3.69 and $15.99 Freestyle cups. One place also said $3.69 single use Freestyle cups. I’ll guess the special character refillable mugs probably vary in size but I also saw some pretty standard refillable cups in some of the blogs which they said all the drink stands carried. These appeared to be the same mug with different printings and sometimes different color tops, but all the same mug. Can anyone tell me approximately how many ounces each cup is?

  3. What about free water? I did see water in the refillable cups that are not Freestyle would be free, and you can get water in your Freestyle at Freestyle machines but then can’t get something else for ten minutes.

  4. I did also read the Butterbeer souvenir mugs can be used to get discounted refills of tea, lemonade, and cider inside the Wizarding World and all regular refillable souvenir mugs including the Butterbeer mugs can get you discounted slushie and icee refills. Is this still the case?

All information welcomed. What I am aiming at is the best option for a group that mainly likes to drink water but will want an occasional soda.

Water is always free. You can ask for a cup of water at almost any eatery.

Here is a link to information about refillable cups at Universal.

Thank you! One reliable link is what I needed.

Additional Edit:

After reading this instruction manual over, it may be another one of the outdated ones. Either that or some info I read here on the boards is wrong. I got started on this quest after reading they no longer allow reactivation of your rfid chip Freestyle cups since sometime last year as it made me concerned other things had changed as well.