Universal / Disney combo tickets?

Anyone have suggestions for getting tickets for 2 days at Universal and 3 days at Disney? Is there a good, reputable online broker that sells this combo? TIA!

They would be two different tickets but Undercover Tourist is a good seller for both.

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I bought that combo on Undercover Tourist last month. I scrolled to the bottom of the ticket page, “bundled” them and got a $10 discount for each bundled ticket. Actually, when I got ours, there was a 2-day-plus-1-free option for Universal that I got. So we did 3 days Univ & 3 days WDW.


concur with Undercover Tourist. Saved $$ and they are fully legit. I do suggest anytime you get tickets take pictures of BOTH SIDES of them - if you lose them - you can get them replaced more easily if you have the #s