Universal Dining with kids

Has anyone ever had a issue with an adult ordering off the kids menu (at QS and table service)? My sons will be 15 & 10 ( 10 year old is quite small and could probably get away with it) and they are pretty picky. Just wondering how strict Uni is with kids meals being for 9 and under. Its not about saving money (but would be a bonus) , more about eating at places we adults want to go and the picky ones still being able to get a burger or chicken nuggets.
Also, if we were to buy a kids CS dining plan for a day or 2 ( we also have a 7 year old who would be eligible) and went to a counter service resto that does not have a kids menu, would we be able to use it for a regular meal? I’m thinking that might make it worth it.
Thanks all!!

I can’t speak to table service, but we ordered mostly from the kids menu when we ate at Captain America’s diner without any issue. Basically, I ordered one adult meal and the rest kid’s meals. Same burger (but without the fixings) and fewer fries for half the price.

Admittedly, the burger there isn’t very good at all. :slight_smile:

Now, I did all the ordering myself for everyone, as the family had found a table already.

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Universal doesn’t care who eats off the kids menu.

I’m pretty certain that all the TS places have a kids menu and you can pick whatever you want at QS.

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We had no problem ordering from the kids meal anytime we wanted.

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