Universal Dining questions

My adult daughter and I are going to Universal the last week of April. Since we are going mid-week the crowd levels are 2 and 3. We are planning to eat lunch at the Leaky Cauldron and dinner at the 3 Broomsticks. Any thought on how much time to allocate to each? We aren’t particularly fast or slow eaters…not necessary to linger but we don’t want to wolf our food down either. Any suggestions on how much time to allocate to these meals in our touring plans?

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40 minutes tops I would say.

Honestly, I have had a couple times I’ve eaten there that have taken a while to order and then to get my food. If you are talking about the time literally spent eating, a half hour should be fine. If you are talking about from the time you get in line, it could easily be an hour.

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Yes, agree with pp- the lines to get in can be very long. 30 minutes is probably enough to eat, but you could be spending that much time in line. Try to eat early or late.

We didn’t do Leaky Cauldron, but The Three Broomsticks was fast. Even the line was very efficient…we were through it in about 5 minutes from the time we got in line to the time we had our food. Although, we did go slightly outside NORMAL lunch hours (we purposely go earlier to avoid crowds).

Having said that, the food we had was mediocre…although the Turkey leg was flavorful.

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We were there the week before Christmas last year and the waits were extremely long at both, though I found Leaky Cauldron more efficient. I echo suggestions to eat earlier or later than usual meal times. The food was ok, but not enough to repeat on our short trip last month.