Universal Customer Service is the BEST

Bought a Harry Potter patronus shirt at Borgin & Burkes for my nephew as a gift, he needed a mens large. Did the delivery to our room at Royal Pacific (which was super convenient & I highly recommend).

Well, I’m an idiot and didn’t check the package. The shirt must’ve been on a hanger marked “Large” but is an “XL”. Just noticed this a week later, right before I went to ship it to my nephew in North Carolina. Shirt has tags on it but of course, I threw out the receipt.

I called Universal today— she was able to locate my receipt and email it to me and said I could return it with a copy of the receipt via mail. She also located the size large and is shipping one out to me and will email me the FedEx tracking.

I’m blown away. I feel like the mouse gets all the accolades for customer service but Bridget was incredibly helpful and attentive and completely saved me. Couldn’t be happier with Universal Studios customer service. :heart_eyes:


That’s fantastic!

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That is super.

I’ve only experienced good things from TMs at UOR.


I feel UOR has been out-shining Disney is so many areas as of late. Disney needs to get their act together!


Agreed. I was so upset with myself and my husband told me “just call them. They were so great when we were on the trip, I bet they can help you out.”

I feel like if I had called Disney with the same issue, there wouldn’t have been anything they could do. But Universal immediately helped, and I didn’t even have to wait on hold forever! I immediately talked to a human being-- after 5 p.m.!

A few years ago, we returned from a Disney trip to MCO via Magical Express, on the bus my youngest daughter got sick and threw up on herself. She got carsick. All of our stuff was packed away in suitcases to check-in, but we couldn’t have her wearing a shirt with vomit on it throughout the airport and on the plane trip home. My husband took her to the Universal store at MCO and picked out a minions shirt for her to wear and took it up to the register. The TM there felt so bad for her and he went ahead & sold it to my husband with the employee discount and said “I have a daughter at home, I’d want someone to help me out too.” We have never forgotten that. I reached out to Universal customer service after we got home to give him props.