Universal coasters in comparison to WDW ones?


Posting here in addition to Universal category since there seem to be more responses here. We are very familiar with the WDW roller coasters. Planning 1-2 days at Universal during our next Orlando visit. Would anyone be able to rank the Universal roller coasters in comparison to the WDW ones? So, how does The Hulk compare to Everest? Or, other such comparisons to give me an idea which ones my kids would like and which ones to pass on. BTW, they ride everything at WDW. Thanks!


Hulk was much much more intense as is rip ride rocket. Mummy is like Splash but more intense /dark with a few drops but no big drop. Jurassic park similar to splash but scarier and bigger drop. All the main /big rides are more intense than wdw. Check height restrictions dd7 was too short for Hulk and Dr Doom. Ds10 preferred uni rides to wdw dd7 was 50/50.
Suggest you look at you tube videos.


Much more intense. To give you an idea, my DS rode Expedition Everest and Rock-n-Roller Coaster at barely 7 years old with no problems, but did not tackle Hulk or Dueling Dragons until he was 10. Very different types of rides. He rode Mummy, Dr Doom, and Rip Ride Rocket at almost 8. Uni rides are great, but are definitely for thrill seekers. We love it!


The UOR thrill rides make the WDW ones seem like kiddie rides. OK, it's not quite that bad, but DD, who always thought that the WDW rides were intense, thought that they all seemed quite tame in comparison to the UOR ones.


What ages are your kids? Forgot about Dragon Challange dd7 rides RnR and Everest and would not go anywhere near that or Rip Ride. DS 10 Loved them both.


While the coaster at universal are more intense that WDW I think this is due to the fact that you can see all of ride before you board as opposed to RnR and EE which are hidden. Rip Ride is a case in point - actual coaster not much more than RnR, but looks much worse. If your kids are brave they will have a great time


Kids are DS 12 and DD 10,


Ideal they will love . Mine were 10/7 last time but we are going this April and they will be 13/10. The 13 year old is past wdw. He only wants to go to wdw to do RnR and Space. At 10 he loved all of uni and he isn't a massive dare devil kid.
The intensity is not necessarily speed or number of loops a lot of it is theming and darkness and special effects of rides.


Though I have not been to Universal Orlando, yet, I am a regular visitor to Six Flags Magic Mountain here in So Cal. Some of the coasters at Universal, the Hulk, will be much more intense, much higher, faster with a lot fore G forces. I am an extreme roller coaster junkie and cannot wait to hop on Hulk, The mummy is a dark ride so part of the excitement is that you cannot see where you are going, like on Space Mountain. Part of the scariness of rides like Hulk is that there is no theming and you can see just how high you are and how little the track you are on and just how steep that drop coming up is. It's awesome!!