Universal Christmas celebrations?

Help guys!

Southwest just gave me the “You can change your flight to any time without paying extra” offer, and I think i’m gonna change our Aug 31-Sept 4 trip! I am considering sometime in November, like Nov 16-20 for example.
Does Universal have a paid Christmas event that limits hours? And if it does have a Christmas Event, does it usually start in November or December?

Last year’s Christmas activities started November 16th.

Here is some info:


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Now, for some feedback on it! I loved Christmas at Universal. We did a girls weekend:

We saw Grinchmas!

We had three types of butter beer!

We saw beautiful resort decorations !

We had breakfast with the Grinch!!!


How fun!! And thank you for the info!

It is worth noting, the no change in price is only honored 30 days out. So I will just change it to 30 days from our current trip, and then change it again the next time they offer.

We went in December, and loved it! We were able to see decorations (every ride gift shop had a tree decorated to the theme of the ride). Saw the giant tree in the New York part of US based on the Rockefeller Center tree, there was Christmas music playing throughout the parks, met so many characters that are normally not out, and much more. Cabana Bay was decorated all throughout the resort, and it was truly magical. I would definitely love to go again at that time. Here is my trip report if you’d like to read it: Impromptu Trip Report

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There are no after hours events at Universal like MVMCP.

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Thank you, good to know!

Awesome I’ll check it out!

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We’ve only been to UO once and it was over Thanksgiving week last year. We loved the Xmas decorations, especially in Harry Potter. I think however my favorite was a Hello Kitty Xmas tree in the Hello Kitty shop.

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I was at UOR last year in early December and it was the most incredible trip I have ever had. Low crowds, fun decorations, Grinch meet and greet, Macy’s parade,
Christmas tree hunt, Christmass themed characters, great weather, I could go on, but you get the point!

And I got to meet up with @PrincipalTinker!


You guys are all starting to convince me! Initially I was thinking of going the week BEFORE the xmas stuff starts… but since there’s no after hours events, and the decorations do look really cool, maybe we will try for the first week of the Christmas celebrations!
DH is waiting to hear about when his new job starts, and when he can potentially take a week off, so hopefully we will make it work!