Universal Cancellation Policy

For those planning to go to Universal in next few months, Universal has updated their policy.

I rebooked one of my hotel stays at the same rate, although the email still gives the old cancellation policy.

Is that new? I could cancel up to 24 hours before for my trip last August.

Hotels was one week, if it’s 24 hours now that’s better.

That’s odd, maybe I am misremembering.

ETA I found my email and it was 5 days, but it fell the day before we flew out, hence my confusion.

This was my original questions

And this was the answer I got

I did not ask specifically about room only rates (although I meant to) but I have asked about it and hope to get a response.

What is the normal cancellation policy for Universal? If I book a trip for December, will I be able to cancel in say November if something changes??

If you book a room only reservation, those can be cancelled 5 days in advance. If you book a package, at 30 days you pay off the remainder of the package, and if you cancel you are subject to a $150 fee. I don’t know about tickets purchased separately from a package.

Thank you!