Universal Attraction Assistance Pass

Has anyone used the Attraction Assistance Pass (AAP) at UOR lately? How does it work? Can you sign up ahead of time?

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The pass is physical and is similar to Disneys old system. You’ll go up to the TM at the front of the attraction and they’ll give you a return time. Enter through the express pass entrance.


Thanks for this. I called today and it was a very easy process. I explained the need and they gave me a confirmation code to give at guest services - and helpfully told me that the guest services inside the park usually have a shorter line.

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Thank you, @bebe80!

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Ok, so while it seemed fabulous, got to the park today, confirmation number in hand - and they couldn’t find it. Looked up my name and only found a ticket order from last April. Explained need again, got the pass and we were on our way. But my time spent on the call was useless.

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We’ll that’s annoying!

Hmmmm did you confirm it was for the correct park? Like they sent it to IOA and you went to USF?

I think it’s the same between the 2 parks. The card we get is for both.

Got you, just trying to figure out why it happened.

Me too! :slightly_smiling_face:

So happy to see this post since I had the same type of question. We are going to Universal for 1 day at the end of the month. My son should qualify for AAP (he has DAS at Disney). Since we have never been before I have a couple questions. My 1st question has to do with the Express Lane (I think that is where they direct us to use AAP for a ride or attraction). If you are using the AAP in that line, are there rides (specifically in WWOHP or JP) that skip the pre-show or the really good queues? My other one is about requesting return times. Do you have to physically go to the attraction to request a time, or is there a feature on the app like WDW has? I appreciate anything you can share as the site is not very helpful at all.

It’s all paper, so you need to physically go to the ride itself each time. I’ll let someone more well versed in the queue answer that piece!

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Thank you so much! I feel like they don’t make this easy to find or obvious like WDW does.

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