Universal Annual Passholders - hotel discounts

I’m trying to determine the price of the onsite hotels with an Annual Pass discount for next summer, but I’m not seeing any place to put the ‘APH’ promo code, like the team suggests. (I am not CURRENTLY a passholder - just trying to do the cost anaysis.) I found the Promo Code spot in the “Vacations” section, but if I have an annual pass, and I just need to purchase regular tickets for my family, not myself. All the links I select under Annual Passholder benefits kick me back to the current hotel discounts which all expire this month. How do I find out what the hotel-only cost would be? Will they be released after the current promos end, or do I have to call, instead? (If I call, will the rep give me the price?)

My understanding is that the passholder discounts don’t show up until about two or three months out. So, at this time, you would not be able to see the passholder discount for hotels next summer. When the time gets closer, you just type “APH” in the area where it says “Promo Code/Group Code” in the on site hotels booking screen.

They won’t show up yet. Book a hotel at a rate you’d be willing to pay (like stay more play more) and then look closer at AP rates. As example, got AP rate $150 off room at HRH in Feb, but in Sept not even offering AP rate (hotel booked). There was good bit off portifino though.

Thank you, both! Your information is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile:

You can also go to the Loews Hotel page & put in APH for lower rates.