Universal Annual Pass discount question

Does anyone know the current Discounted ticket prices for Universal Annual Pass members? We cant login to the member area until we use the Annual Pass the first time and get our ID numbers. Are the different Annual Passes different discounts?


Paging @Skubersky, the man with all the UOR answers! :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m on a boat with limited internet. If you got to UOR’s AP sales page there is a chart breaking down discounts for the various APs, you don’t have to be logged in to see it.

If you are asking about discounted park tix, I think premium APs get 10% off multi days gate price, Premiere may get 15% but I can’t remember for sure.

Thank You…I found it way at the bottom…had to click “Details”
FYI…10% off Power Pass and 15% off Preferred and Premier Passes.

I have a dumb question here-and I know this topic is very old, but I’m considering upgrading to AP’s during my trip in August, and I’m confused why an AP holder is looking for a discount for tickets–isn’t that what a Annual Pass is? TIA

I believe that an AP holder can buy discounted tickets for the rest of his party.

Thank you! I thought it might be that.