Universal and Disney World on same trip?

Forgive me if this is obvious; I am going to Disney World in a few months, but I am spending one day in the middle of the trip at Universal. It does not seem like I can create a trip that contains both Disney World and Universal in it; you have to pick one or the other. Do I have to create two trip, or is there some way to have a single trip with both Universal and Disney World in it?

Are you talking about Touring Plans??

Is it the dashboard you are talking about? Dont think it’s set up for both together yet.

Yeah, exactly, when you create a “trip” in your Dashboard; it looks like when you create the trip you have to pick either Disney World or Universal; you can’t pick both.

The are not combinable at this point in time. I had to make sepataye trips for each destination.

Yes, the same is true if you have a DL and WDW trip planned.

Glad it’s not just me. We’re spending 12 days at WDW and two of those will be at Universal, so two trips it is.