Universal and Disney Land 2 days

Hi, I am travelling with my 10-year-old son ( he was 10 in March 22nd) we will be leaving Santa Maria around midday after a whale watching trip. I have booked The Hilton Universal City from, Arrive 20th April depart 23rd April heading of to Santee.

I want to do ( and my son!)Universal Studios and also Disney land as well as see a few sights in Hollywood and maybe a beach.

He is not into Roller coaster too much. I have hears you can see universal in half a day? Also, he is a big star wars fan.

Any suggestions please and maybe a plan?

Thank you very much in advance.


I would say that Universal Hollywood can be done in half a day if you’re not into roller coasters.

But we always need at least 3 days to do DLR (usually do 4 days) so you will have to be OK with only hitting the highlights. You might check out the “Dumbo or die in a day” TP to give yourself an idea.


At both parks we will get a disability pass which I presume if the same as Disney world we can jump the queue ( or lines as you cal them lol )

So I was thinking. Have a day in Disney world,and as Universal is not that big, maybe do that on the day we leave to head back to Santee? Or could we do it on the same day we arrive in Hollywood, which will then give us a day in Disney world and the following day to look around Hollywood?

In Disney world we will not be doing any of the,so called young children’s rides,Star Wars and things like that.

Thanks again.