Universal Addict's Very Merry Grinchmas & Jolly Birthday

sometimes that’s all you need! :slight_smile:

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Totally! I just did want the title of “lounge” to give misconceptions about if there’s cocktails or any kind of food (besides bags of chips to purchase)


Kong has posted a 35 minute wait since park opening. I’m guessing they aren’t operating at full capacity. The outdoor portion of the ride is still isn’t in use.

I’m skipping it today.

It’s almost Noon, but very overcast & cloudy. Even with rhat my shirt is dry and my pants are only damp. That’s Florida weather!

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After a few quick rides on Doom, it’s time to get out of these damp pants and catch a nap so O can be out all night at Jollywood!

Plus, I see this on the horizon…


Looks like a great day so far! I’m excited to hear what you think about Jollywood.

I hope the J&S pictures come through!! Can’t wait to see those.


I can see the J&S pictures in my memory share, so it should be all good!!

I’m all decked out & ready for Jollywood!

I’ve turned soooo many heads here at the hotel! I feel like a rock star!!

I’m planning to meet a handful of Liners as soon as I get into the park. We’re got to do my first ever rides on MMRR and RotR together.

Afterwards, it’s all rides and the Muppets for the night.

I will do a “LIVE” and candid Jollywood TR as much as possible. So ask any questions and I’ll see what I can do.

I am pretty hungry already, so snacks and drinks are on the agenda at some point! Any suggestions or requests??

I am going to change the title again for those Disney fans that might not normally look at UOR trip reports


Dapper :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I arrived at 5:15pm and made the short walk to the park entry.

There’s ZERO signage directing you where to go. However, I saw a big holding pen area and went there. I confirmed I was in the right spot and got photos from a photographer while waiting.

There’s about 45 people here now, but you aren’t allowed to stand in any queue. So we are all sitting on curbs and planters around the area.


Very snazzy!

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Wow! You look GREAT!!!

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I’m blushing!! :blush::blush: Thanks!

Now my face matches the jacket


Excellent outfit!


There was no need to get here so early. There only were about 100 - 150 people in the area at 6pm. The pen never got full like ar MVMCP.

At 6pm they announced that we could come up and start getting wristbands and lanyards.

It was a mad rush with no organization!! Completely chaotic!!

I was already sitting close to the line of CMs blocking entry waiting.

As a solo, I zipped right in and got my credentials. If you have a stroller or small kids people are pushing past without any courtesy.

It’s a terrible system. They could’ve made organized queues.

They scanned my ticket there.

After that you are allowed to wait at the DHS entry taps

I’m about the fifth person from the taps. However, they are currently covered. I am wondering if we are done or going to have to scan in again.

The gossip around me is we are done with all that and ready to go once they give the word.

There’s no rope either. Just CMs standing in place to hold by the flood of guests.

The CM put the wristband on so tight… :pensive::pensive:

Plus, it almost matches my skin tone…I hope the CMs see it easily so I don’t have to be stopped at any point…


I’m here, a ways ahead of you in line at MMRR. I,'m wearing a red sparkly shirt. Am with DH.


I LOVE it!!! Fabulous

Here’s the selfie with @mkmuzzy @ParkRanger and myself!


The fuzzy selfie!


That’s why I shouldn’t be in charge of photos!

We’ve done MMRR and are at MF:SR now!

The Hondo animatronic lives up to the hype!


Glad to see him working. Last time we were there, it was running B mode, so Hondo was just a face on a screen, and the animatronic was covered up with a tarp!


Thanks to @ParkRanger and BG1 we did get BG1 for RotR!

Because my birthday is at midnight I got s birthday badge. They let me have right pilot. I got to pull the hyperdrive! 9 year old Larry is squealing in my heart!