Universal accounts/virtual line

Another newbie question, sorry if this is basic information but I’m a little confused. I will be at UOR next week with DS17 and DS12. In reading trip reports it sounds as though there may be an advantage to setting up an account for each of them separately so that we can each try for VL times. But Im not really clear if that’s true. If all of us have separate accounts and say two of us get a VL return time, will all 3 of us be able to go both times? Do there need to be separate accounts or can we all try if they are both under my account? Or is it like at Disney where the BG is tied to the ticket and you can only get one spot in a VL?

The only real reason to create multiple accounts is essentially to game the system. Each person could, in theory, get in the the virtual line for the entire group, allowing the group to ride multiple times with minimal wait.

But for normal use, a single account is all that is needed because you put your party size in.

I wonder if the re-vamped VL system is in place yet?

I still don’t see the VL option on the UOR app, which it always was displayed until the testing of the new system started.

I have this link saved for the new VL


I can see it. Currently VL available for Jimmy Fallon (as always), and Hagrid’s.

Right. But it isn’t in the menu anymore.

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Was it ever? Hmm. I always accessed it directly from the ride screen.

On the ride it directs you to the website @PrincipalTinker linked. I was looking earlier to try to figure it out but thought it must be because I don’t have tickets linked that I couldn’t see it in the menu.

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There is a QR code posted outside of Hagrids and that opens the website I linked. I have been watching since my trip is in 59 days (who’s counting?)……


Yes. It had showed a short list of attractions currently using VL.

I guess that changed permanantly with the new system and the way you access it.

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I was trying to figure out how to do this as well. I dont see VL in app either. Im going to set up account today at that link. I wasnt sure if I should set up different accounts either but it sounds like if my party logs into “my account” we can all try at same time. Unless you have to scan QR code in park as well? I am still trying to understand the exact steps!! :slight_smile:

All the videos I see say you have to use location based services (even for the latest versions of VL). However, I’m sitting at home out of state and was able to pick up a virtual queue for Hagrid’s. If I took a screen shot of the QR code once the time arrived would I be able to send that to someone in the park to use or is there something that has to happen after the code is scanned?

They changed it. It used to require being on Universal property, but they modified that during COVID at some point. I expect eventually it will go back.

So I could send this screenshot to someone to use?

That, I am afraid, I do not know.