Universal 2021 Military (and DOD?) Passes

Has anyone else heard about the Universal Military Passes this year? Notice that it is a pass and not a ticket. I believe it entitles active duty and military retirees entry for every day of 2021. Assuming this is the case, this is a fantastic offer. For $200 per person, you can get 2 Park (Park to Park) entry for every day of 2021. If you started going to the parks tomorrow each day for the rest of the year (let me start the calculation…) you’d be paying an entry fee of 28.5 cents per park per day. Obviously most everyone could never do that (nor would you want to), but for a family thinking about going a couple/few times this year, the savings is unbeatable.

There is some debate as to whether this once in a lifetime offer extends to DOD civilians. In the end, I’m going to assume it will only be for active duty and retired military. Some bases however are posting information that it includes civilians. I’m waiting for this to shake out with more clarification, but at the same time I’m wondering if any TP folks have heard anything.

Here’s a link to ticket pricing for Universal from the Shades of Green site: Universal_Web.pdf (shadesofgreen.org)

I don’t see that offer you are talking about. I do see something similar for 2020 listed though.

I haven’t heard anything, but $200 per person was about the price of the Universal 2020 military promotional ticket (5 day, 2 park, park-to-park)…seems crazy that the same amount would now get you an annual pass?

Looks like Steve @ Military Disney tips has the info: https://www.militarydisneytips.com/blog/universal-military-discounts/universal-orlando-2021-special-military-discounted-tickets-and-packages/

He specifically calls out DOD civilians as excluded.

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Earlier this week they were included on his page, and he’s looking into it if you check the comments.

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That isn’t unusual. We bought our annual pass because it was the same price as a 4-day ticket pre-covid.
This was the regular tickets/passes that anyone could get

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This is cheaper than every flavor of annual pass that Universal offers, plus there are no blackout dates (that’s the way it’s being advertised anyhow). You have to purchase at least a ‘Preferred’ flavor of pass to get no blackout dates and for non-residents of FL that will run you north of $400 per ticket. For a family of four, this military equivalent saves you more than $800. That’s a significant dollar amount for 99% of folks.


Wow how did I miss this? This looks like a really good deal. We bought APs as FL res when they were offering 15 months for the price of 12.