Universal 2 Park / 1 Day Tickets - Advance Purchase?

We’re going to be in Orlando for a Disney vacation, but do plan on going to Universal for one day. We’ll likely be purchasing a 2 Park / 1 Day ticket, and depending on the crowd levels once we get into the park, we might purchase the Unlimited Express Pass on site.

My question is, considering that we have a specific date that we plan to go to Universal (July 17), should I buy tickets in advance, or will I be able to just buy them when we get to the park?

I would buy them in advance so you can walk right up to the self service ticket kiosk and get them ASAP.
You can buy them through your phone too. I will say that the QR scanners at Universal aren’t great. I see people holding up lines for minutes on end trying to wave their phones back & forth to get the turnstiles at entry or Hogwarts Express to read the code.