United flight credit, how to go nonstop?

I’ve written here before about having a flight credit with United b/c my cruise last June had to be canceled. I was thinking of going to Paris but am currently thinking maybe to go domestic to multiple locations to visit far away friends. The trouble is that I’m finding that there is nothing nonstop and I’m used to using Southwest to get nonstop flights. It’s not 100% required to be nonstop but I’ve followed the news and am very wary of them losing my checked bag. I could try to do only a carry on but I like to bring a lot of things. I want to depart BWI (preferred) or Reagan (acceptable). I could technically do Dulles but it’s several hrs drive. I’d appreciate any advice on locations that I could get to nonstop. I did google this and found some lists that were not very long. It seems that there just aren’t many nonstop routes on United, at least not from my area. I’m very flexible about location to fly to. I’m thinking about going to Chicago and then San Francisco b/c I could do both of these nonstop, but I feel a little silly doing that just for the nonstop. My original idea was San Antonio and then on to Vegas but both of those require a connection on United (at least for dates I’ve tried), whereas with Southwest I could go direct for a few hundred $ to both places from home. But I remember too that everyone pretty much hates Southwest now. And, anyway, my points $ are all tied up with United. Thanks for any advice. There is still a possibility to use it for the Alaska cruise again but I’m leaning more towards a different one and doing Alaska another year.

Dulles is a United hub so you’ll probably have more nonstop options from there. Do you have the United app? It has a map feature where you can see routes and fares from your chosen airport.

I’ve only used the computer, not the app. Is it different? I was unaware that Dulles is a United hub. Thanks!

If you’re flying into hubs or larger airports you should be able to find non-stop flights. Many regional airports are losing service right now for various reasons.

This tool on United will let you enter your starting airport and specify “non-stop”, then show you which routes are available.


Thanks everyone, these suggestions have been very helpful. :slight_smile: