Unexpected trip to WDW with husband in September!

My husband has a business trip in Orlando in September, and we just booked to stay at WDW for 2 nights before his conference. Super excited! We have only been to WDW once as a family of 6 in 2017 and had an amazing time! I used touring to help me plan and it made all the difference - truly! We are planning another trip to WDW in 2021/2022 as a family. So, this little trip is totally unexpected and different, because we will not be taking into consideration the needs of our 4 kids. How fun is that?!

We are staying at Coronado Friday-Sunday, September 20-22. We have 2 day Park Hopper passes. We get into MCO at 12:30pm and plan to hang at the resort on Friday and enjoy it!

Considering the AHP at AK. Pandora & Everest are musts for us. We love AK! The AHP should give up the ability to ride those rides a number of times, right? Never done AHP, but have heard, overall, good things. But are we packing in too much, and should we just take it easy the first night & try to get FP for those rides instead? We are going September, so it should be lighter crowds - but it’s weekend & Galaxies Edge will be open.

My idea is:
Friday - get in, enjoy resort, head to AK AHP at 8pm and enjoy until midnight
Saturday - sleep in, head to Epcot to do WSC, hop to MK (get FPP for afternoon/evening there?), reserved HEA Dessert Party for that evening.
Sunday - EEMH for HS - see GE & get FPP for SDD for when park opens, hop to AK (maybe) & maybe Epcot for fireworks in the evening.

Too much? Should I do AHP at AK or do you think, with September crowds, we will be ok? Should we spend more time at the resort? We don’t have to do everything!

Thanks for any help - and other suggestions - you might have!


excited for you! I don’t have advice, but will love to hear how it goes.

Thank you!

It looks good to me. September is not bad. Just be aware of higher crowds at mk on nights without MNSSHP.

Star wars may be a game changer. Keep watch here and on the chat for how it affevts things.

Your plans sound so fun! I don’t think AH at AK would be too much. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks! I might want to hop to MK after HS on Sunday. Maybe just got to MK Saturday night for the HEA dessert party. Good point!

Thanks! Excited!

I would DEFINITELY Do DAH at AK. With only 2 days, it could be tough to get FPP for at least FOP. We go end of October and I am crossing my fingers they extend DAH into October

Sundays are usually MNSSHP days so depending on the time you want to hop, you may not be able to hop to MK.