Understanding TP Crowd Calendar - HS RESERVATION FULL

Trying to plan my parks for end of April. I see that HS reservations are gone.

If the park is full, I am trying to figure out why there would be low Crowd Calendar numbers associated with those days.



Because the parks are still operating at only a max of 35% capacity. So “sold out” is 35%, not 100% (well it’s 100% of 35% if you want to get technical LOL)

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And don’t forget that the crowd calendar is based on wait times of select attractions, NOT on actual number of people in the park


See actual HS crowd levels from March:

Most of March, park passes were also sold out. Notice crowd levels range from 2 to 4 mostly. There are various factors that change the wait times. Many people drop the HS park pass the morning of if they do not get a BG. Weather is also a factor, people leaving in the early afternoon. RotR down time can also inflate wait times for all other attractions.

So some of those days predicted “2” in late April may not be too far off.

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Thanks to all for your comments !!!


Our pleasure!

brilliant! i was looking at our HS TP estimated times for June and couldn’t figure out why they were so low when the park reservations were sold out. Makes sense now especially since we aren’t entering the park until the afternoon.

Yeah… if you don’t care about getting a boarding time for RotR then RD at HS doesn’t seem like the best strategy these days, especially if you have hoppers, as lines go down later in the day.

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