Understanding the 4th Fast Pass

Hi folks…question about the process of obtaining a 4th Fast Pass. My third Fast Pass of the day is for Buzz Lightyear from 5:35-6:35. Once we scan our magic bands at Buzz I can then use my phone to book a 4th Fast Pass, right? Also, let’s say I check-in for the Buzz ride at 5:40, am I able to book the 4th Fast Pass starting at 6:00 or do I have to wait until my Buzz Lightyear time frame has expired (6:35). Thank you for clarifying!!!

As soon as you scan in to the ride for the third, you can book the 4th. Buzz is actually a great one to do that on because you will be in line for a bit after you scan in. If you use the app on your phone, you should have a 4th booked before you even ride Buzz!

Hi. Once you scan in for Buzz and you can immediately get out your phone and pick up a fourth fast pass if there are any available. I’ve had good luck with several rides where I’m waiting in the fast pass line after scanning in and picking up a 4th, 5th, and 6th fast pass in rapid succession. Once you scan in, it marks the fast pass as used allowing you to snag your next one, you don’t have to wait for your fast pass window to close.

Depending on how busy the parks are, this doesn’t always work, but sometimes you can adjust your existing fast pass times after you’ve used your first fast pass in order to optimize getting more fast passes in the day. For example, you have fast passes set at 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm as the system doesn’t allow overlap. So you scan in at 1:05 pm. Once you scan in, you can check and see if there might be a fast pass time available for your 2 pm fast pass. You get lucky, and there’s a slot available at 1:15, so you adjust #2 to that 1:15 pm slot. After you tap in to the 2nd attraction at 1:15, you check and see if there’s an earlier time available for that 3:00 pm fast pass - again you get lucky and there’s a 1:55 time available. Once you tap in that 3rd time, you can now get on the app and select your 4th fast pass, 2 hours earlier than you would have otherwise.

I’ve found this works best on days where I want to be spontaneous in the parks and I’m not using a detailed plan. If I’m using a touring plan, you’ll often have better luck following the plan you’re created and the program has optimized. As long as there isn’t an unexpected breakdown, or delayed opening on a ride (tower of terror and primeval will, I’m looking at you), the touring plan will get you everywhere you want to go with minimal waits.


Thank you so much for clarifying! I’m so excited to see how this works in a few weeks!

Jadesfire21 - One more Fast Pass question for you (or anyone who sees this who knows the answer). I’m having a hard time with my Hollywood Studios plan and utilizing all three Fast Passes. I know that I have to pre-book all three fast passes in the same park initially; however, since we have park hopper passes,am I able to modify one of those pre-booked fast passes on the day we go to Hollywood Studios and select another park? In other words, could I use two Fast Passes at Hollywood Studios and one at Magic Kingdom or do I have to burn the third Fast Pass in Hollywood Studios before I can select a 4th Fast Pass in Magic Kingdom? Thank you for your help!!!

Hi! While you can only book 3 fast passes in advance, you can switch parks and use some of them on the day of. For example, I arrived at WDW last night and had only booked 2 fast passes at Epcot since I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to get through all 3 in the time I had. Transportation took a little longer than planned, so I missed the first fast pass, but made it in time for frozen ever after before the park closed. I cancelled the fast pass I missed, and once I checked in for frozen ever after, I immediately got on the my Disney experience app and booked a fast pass for the jingle cruise in magic kingdom for my 2nd fast pass of the day, and I’ll sure if I had been trying for it earlier in the day there would have been better options as opposed to getting that pass at 9:20 pm. So the short answer is, if you don’t pre book all of your fast passes in one park you can do one or two in one park and then hop to a different park to use your second or 3rd pass that day. Hope this makes sense, I will admit I’m a little scattered from doing rope drop through end of the Christmas party at magic kingdom today! Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll try to answer them for you :blush:

I will admit to being confused. =) If I understand you correctly, I can pre-book two Fast Passes on December 30 for Hollywood Studios then when December 30 hits, I can then book my 3rd Fast Pass for Magic Kingdom. Is this correct? Or, do I have to wait and use the first of my two HS fast passes before I can book my third FP at MK? Also, am I not able to pre-book all three FPs at Hollywood Studios and then modify them on December 30? Thank you for humoring my newbie questions!

Sorry about the confusion. To answer your first question, yes you can book up to three fast passes for December 30 prior to Dec. 30, but they all have to be in the same park. It’s been my experience that you have to use or cancel those fast passes on the day you are in the initial park and hopping to the next park before you can get a fast pass in a different park.

I don’t think you can modify an existing fast pass for a different park, as when you modify, you are only given options for the park that you initially chose. To do a fast pass in a different park, if you have a chosen experience that you want to change you have to cancel the original experience before you can choose a new experience in a different park.

Perfect! Thank you for clarifying! I hope you are having a fabulous time on your trip.