Undercover Tourist Tickets

Planning a July 2021 trip. Thinking about renting DVC and am interested in park hopper plus tickets. Does anyone know, or has precedent been set, if I buy park hopper + tickets from Undercover Tourist, and there is still no park hopping in July, will Disney and/or Undercover Tourist reimburse the part of the ticket (park hopper) that can’t be used? I know if I purchased the tickets through Disney they refund that portion. Will they do the same for 3rd party tickets? Thanks.

Disney has been offering options for park hopper credit for tickets. UT included.

There was a long thread in April that 3rd party ticket companies have to issue the refund, Disney was not if you did not buy from them. I think that was for full ticket refunds (the company refused). If you are concerned, Disney does refund tickets and options purchased direct through them.

Thanks for the info.

You can always add park hopper once you are there. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a refund if it isn’t allowed.

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I just wanted to report for others that we just left Disney Guest Services at Disney Springs and they easily refunded the park hopper ticket difference. I bought our tickets from Undercover Tourist months ago before COVID. They placed the refunded difference between the park hopper and the standard tickets on a gift card (which I’m sure we’ll use while we are here). It’s an easier process for them if you do the refund before you use the ticket, but the cast member said they can still issue the refund even after you enter a park, it’s just a little more difficult. Undercover Tourist told me only Guest Services could issue the refund, they couldn’t do it. Hope this helps!


It does. Thanks for all the replies. July can’t come quick enough.