Undercover Tourist tickets now available through 2020

Last week, when I was looking up pricing for Disney tickets on Undercover Tourist, they weren’t available for any dates in 2020.

I checked again this morning, and now, all dates are available through end of 2020.

I’m considering buying my tickets now, ahead of any further price increases (which I anticipate will happen in the coming months). Figured I’d let folks know they are available now.

I’m still not sure if I want to get my UOR tickets yet. Usually, they offer promos like buy 2 days, get 3 free, but none of those promos are available for 2020. The best I can find is getting a 3 day ticket for about the price of a two day. I was hoping to get at least 4 days. I can get a 4 day ticket, but it costs more. Should I wait? Not sure when Universal typically announces their price increases.

Well, we went ahead and bit the bullet. Bought our tickets for May 2020 trip (both Universal and WDW) as well as my wife’s ticket for December 2020 (I have an AP). Hopefully this will ultimately save us money on eventual price increases.