Undercover tourist tickets and G+

I was playing around on MDE and looking at my UT tickets that we have for our May trip. I saw that I am able to modify, reassign, and upgrade these tickets…. Expect for adding G+. When I try to click on that option, it says, “selected tickets have already been upgraded to include Genie+ services.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Did you accidentally buy the G+ tickets from UT? They come BEFORE the Park Hopper tickets on the website…so you may have bought G+ rather than PH by accident?

Mine looked that way on the app but on the website it did not show me having G+. During a particularly painful long phone call with Disney I confirmed that I did not have G+ on my tickets (despite what it said on the app and what the CM on chat told me.)

It would be weird to have tickets have G+ added. If you purchase tickets directly from WDW you can’t add it. You can only add it if the tickets are part of a package. I just priced out tickets for someone moments ago and there is no option to add G+ for tickets only. I would find it strange for UT to be able to add it.

You can buy tickets which include G+ through UT.

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Oh man.

Here are a couple screenshots from UT. When you are looking at tickets, first set of options are base, second set are base plus G+, third set are Park Hoppers, and fourth is PH with G+. Prior to G+, the second set of options was Park Hopper. So, easy to make a mistake when scrolling through.

Hmm no it doesn’t look like I purchased the G+. Here is part of my order confirmation:

This is what mine is doing as well. I just checked the website. So, my question is, will this present an issue for purchasing G+ for individual days through the app?

No idea. CM I talked to seemed to think I would be able to purchase day by day but since I got conflicting answers from different cast members I was worried. I knew we wanted it everyday (week before Xmas with CL 10s) so I purchased for the whole week via the browser yesterday. That’s another long story that lead to all that time on the phone with Disney. But that was the conclusion.