Undercover Tourist ticket question

I’m considering using Undercover Tourist for our tickets. We’ve booked our Disney resort through a TA but it is a room only booking. If I purchase the tickets through Undercover Tourist, am I still able to book fast passes at the 60 day mark or do I have to wait for the 30 day. I know I can link the tickets to our Disney Experience account. Anybody with experience with this? Thanks!

You can still book them at 60 days out, as long as they are linked in MDE. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!

Did you check out the ticket calculator on this site (under tickets on your dashboard)? I found tickets cheaper on there then from undercover tourist.

I was about to ask the same question. I see it has been asked.

But are there any advantages (aside from convenience) to getting the tickets as a package via WDW versus using Undercover Tourist?

I did a price comparison, and found that the price of a Room-only booking plus 6 day park hopper tickets through Undercover Tourist ends up being roughly $130 cheaper than booking a resort package with 6 day park hopper tickets. I wasn’t sure if you lose out on the FP+ 60 days advantage.

But I also wasn’t sure if, for example, you end up with Magic Bands if you go the UT route.

The advantage to UT is not only saving money, but also being able to do a Room-only booking 499 days out instead of waiting for the packages. But I wouldn’t want to lose out on some other package advantages. Since I’ve not done a vacation package through WDW since 1995, this is unfamiliar territory.

You can do room-only booking through Disney at 499 days out - if you call them.

Magic band are tied to your resort boioking, not tickets. If you are staying onsite you will receive magic bands.