Undercover Tourist cancellations experiences

Hi last week I cancelled my Universal tickets, they charged me a few of 5% which is bull, but whatever. So I have a room reservation and disney tickets I have to cancel. What is your experience with cancelling Disney with co vID cancellations?

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I haven’t cancelled yet, but I did call UT in order to determine how we would handle our Universal tickets.

Here is the post about it:

Note, the 5% fee is totally expected and laid out in their terms, so I have no issue with it. They have to pay, so if they refund you 100%, they have actually LOST money in the experience.


If you reschedule do they charge the fee?

No, because you do that through Disney or Universal, not UC. UC only handles refunds if you bought through them.

Have you actually received the refund yet? I sent my tickets back with a refund request and they were received by UT on April 10 but I still have not received the refund. I wrote their CS yesterday morning but have not heard back from them yet. Just wondering if the length of time I’ve been waiting is normal.

No they told me it would be around 8 weeks , which is crazy because they don’t have a problem taking your money right away.

Thanks Ryan. LAST NIGHT I was chatting with someone online from Disney who told me it had to done by UC , honestly the whole conversation with them was a waste of time, I don’t think she was very knowledgeable which usually doesn’t happen with disney.

I received 95% back from Disney e-tickets from Undercover Tourist very quickly and efficiently. Took 2-3 days and the credit was back on my card. Tickets were June 2020 dated.

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I found there customer service pretty great. We chose to reschedule for later in the year, so no need to change the tickets. But I emailed them and they very promptly cancelled and refunded the room. I was able to re-book for the same cost (but that was totally by chance I think).

Wonder why they told me it would take 6-8 weeks-maybe because they were Universal tickets. I guess I will be calling them tomorrow.

It’s called under promise and over deliver. :slight_smile:

We had a situation where we ordered tickets WDW and UO in late Feb and the USPS lost the tickets. In talking with UT, they suggested activating the tickets to prevent someone else from using them, but they put a note in our file that we can still cancel within the 90 day window, which comes up in late May. We are 99% sure we are going to cancel and take the 5% hit, but with the potential situation of Disney not opening until 2021, I’ll probably hold out as long as I can before doing it.

Just to update with my experience; I wrote requesting a refund on April 7; they received the tickets (according to tracking) on April 10; the refund was issued on May 11.

Tickets were dated for May 14.

I contacted customer service twice via email in the month between delivery/refund and both times was told they were working on it.

So for me, it took just over 4 weeks to receive the refund.

I cancelled DLR tickets on April 14th. They told me 6-8 weeks. Because I never received an email to indicate it was in process, I called last weekend. She told me the cancellation was in process and it looked like I should be getting the refund soon. Here’s hoping!

Their customer service has been very nice and up front about expectations, so I appreciate that!

My situation may have been different because I was still in the 90 day return window.I sent in my cancellation on 5/11 and they immediately issued a refund of my DW tickets. They required my physical UO tickets for a refund. Actually, they said they didn’t need them but it would take 6-8 weeks because I had connected them to the app, but if I returned the physical tickets, it would be much faster. I sent them in the mail and was credited 2 days later. Communication was excellent even with my constant questioning them to make sure it was all good. Sometimes you just expect the worst, but their service was nothing less than awesome.

I called U T today because I got all my refunds except my Uni tickets. She said it looks like it was processed this week and should have the refund this week. With all my refunds coming through this past week , for the first time ever my credit card has a negative balance ! Lol BTW U T people are great, always helpful.

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That’s happened to my Disney Visa card a couple times in all this…refunds for my house rental, refunds for the DAH party tickets.

Of course, the downside is, “Oh, look! There’s a negative balance! I guess I should go buy stuff with it!” :wink:

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Ryan that is funny. I am debating weather or not to book a room for September and the airlines have good prices this week, 77.00 round trip from my airport to Orlando. Ahhhh what to do?..

I’m trying to decide if I want to get a refund or just eventually change the dates through Disney. We will hopefully be going next April.

I am pretty sure if I change through Disney, the upcharge will negate any savings I got purchasing through UT.

I wish Disney would extend the tickets through December 2021… for us, going this year just isn’t possible.

Generally, you’ll keep the savings…but you still may have to pay more. But that’s not because you will lose the savings, but because you would be paying the increased price of the value of the tickets.

To illustrate, let’s say that you had tickets for July 1 - 7 of this year, and that those tickets, when purchased through Disney, would have cost you $400. (I’m making up numbers.) Let’s say, however, that you bought those same tickets through UT for $360. You saved $40.

But you then move your trip to April 1 - 7 of 2021. And let’s say Disney charges $425 for those dates. That means the difference would be $25. Disney would have you pay the $25. You would NOT pay the difference between the $360 you paid, and the $425…but only the difference of $400 and $425. You keep the savings!

Having said that, if you change the length of your tickets, it seems Disney has been sneaky (sometimes) about how they do this. Rather than charge the price difference between say, a 4 day ticket and a 6 day ticket, which might only be $50…they are charging the price of the AVERAGE day of the tickets. That is to say, if the tickets would be $320 across 4 days, the average price per day is $80. So, when you add two more days, they end up charging you $80 for each day, for $160! This isn’t really correct…it isn’t how they should be doing it, and it seems it might be different Cast Members are handling it differently. So be careful there. (Again, my numbers/scenario are illustrative only, and not meant to reflect actual numbers.)

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