Undercover Tourist 50% off Car Rental

Hi - Has anyone used the 50% off car rental with UT lately? I found a very good deal for 8 days in November ($350 for a full size) through Budget. I think Budget will be fine but I just hate pre-paying for a car this far in advance. I do trust Undercover Tourist and it says “free cancellations”. Any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks!

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$600 for 6 days in late July.

I cannot rationalize that much for a nice to have.

… but I also cannot bundle since I have an AP and am staying on property.

You mean you can’t bundle with UT tickets? Supposedly you can buy literally anything on the site (including movie tickets and popcorn) and still get the discount!

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Hmm… interesting. I could look into movie tickets.

With the discount, Budget is $300.

Something to consider…

I used UT to book Budget twice in the last 6 months at MCO. Fine except was a very long line at the counter on a Sunday afternoon. Because of this I might choose a different car rental company next time. But UT was very easy to deal with - I had to cancel another booking and they refunded me promptly.

The only thing to watch out for is b/c you’re booking through a 3rd party you might not be able to use Fastbreak or its equivalent at other car rental agencies. So shop around and see if UT is significantly cheaper (it was for one trip and not others).

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Yes UT Free Cancel is legit. We used in January as we were able to get a better pre-paid price with Budget when we were a week out from our trip.

I just called them up, they canceled it and I got my refund quickly.

Highly recommend signing up for the free budget FastBreak so you can pick up in the garage. Shorter lines there.


Thank you for posting this! Saving like $300 over Costco on a rental from LAX for a $6 popcorn voucher!