Under Estimating Crowds?

I’m using TP to help with my trip to the DLR next week but when I create touring plans it seems to think I can get an awful lot done in a certain amount of time and also estimates very short wait times. I know mornings have short wait times but 13 minutes at 11am on a saturday for Matterhorn seems a bit too good to be true.

Coming from WDW and trying to match it to DLR summer crowds in my head I have to ask, does TP tend to under estimate crowds and will it update during the day if we are running behind etc.?

No trend. They are often spot on and sometimes a little high or low. As I understand the system, the more people that input times on your touring day, the more precise your estimates will be for that day.

I’ve had days when the estimates were so far off that Lines wasn’t very helpful. But, usually, it works fine.

I have found the crowd lever to be spot on, but some of the waiting times in the morning I have found to be on the under estimated, by about 5-10 min sometimes. But it somehow seems to catch up by the afternoon. I usethe touring plans as a general guide.