Unable to make reservations for anything... "no inventory has been released"

I’ve been trying to plan out my meals and special events for my trip on Monday, November 13th through Thursday, November 16th, but so far i’ve been having bad luck. I’ve waited until it was within 60 days of my reservation dates, so I know that’s not an issue, but it seems like every single thing i’m wanting to do is unavailable for reservations. World of Color Dessert Party, Fantasmic Dining Package… even reservations for a standard dinner at Blue Bayou are all unavailable (lunch is available)…

Did other people really reserve them all that quickly, or or something else going on that i’m unaware of? I tried calling, but all they can tell me is that “no inventory is available” without much more info than that. I’m even staying at the Disneyland hotel which is supposed to offer priority reservation slots for guests, but still, there’s nothing available.Any advice that might help me understand what’s going on would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Keep checking back. I seem to remember that I wasn’t able to book my MSEP Dining package or my World of Color Dessert Party until about 6 weeks out from our August trip. I just checked every day until they showed up. Good luck!

The packages will not open up until the entertainment schedule is complete, which generally occurs about 4-6 weeks out. Keep checking, they just aren’t open yet. We went to the WOC dessert party in late June, and booked it the week before. ADR’s at Disneyland are much easier to get than at WDW.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll keep checking once every few days then to see what pops up :slight_smile: This is a great forum, btw.

As someone mentionned earlier: apart from Christmas time, I usually get my ADR a few days before I go to Disneyland. i have had same day reservations ( and day before ) very often. i would not worry too much.

Everything I wanted started popping up in the last couple days, so i was able to get everything reserved that I wanted. It was just a matter of waiting a bit longer. Not everything just pops up right away once it’s within your 60 day window. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Very typical of Disneyland but glad you were able to get everything! Staying onsite you definitely have priority. Hope you enjoy every last minute of your stay!

I had issues finding reservations too.

Called guest services who were really really good at helping out and got us options that I could just choose over the phone!