Unable to make hotel reservations

I was not planning a real trip, but wanted to see what my options could be though. Every time I try to make a hotel reservation, since Monday, online I only get this:

Anyone else?

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I am not having any trouble from my phone. Any particular dates/resorts you were looking at, or does it matter?

I’m able to book looking at Sept

The U.K. site only allows dates in 2020 to be entered, and then comes up with a message that bookings are paused.

I’m sure they had opened up for bookings online up until Sept 2021 previously. So I think something has changed on the U.K. site too.

Tried on my computer (Firefox browser) and it is working as well.

OK… I it was doing it I when through the “Places to Stay” link.

If I do the “pick your dates” then all the hotels come up.

Thanks all!

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Ah wait, so was I!

Just tried again from the main page and could select dates next year.

So they’ve only updated part of the system then? :roll_eyes:

It would only let me book as far out as Sept. 2021… (which I wasn’t surprised as I had read on Disney Parks Blog that would be the case.)

Also, even that far in advance the only Value option was Pop Century.

I was hoping to do my 499 day ressie for Dec 2021 / 50th Anniversary date at AS Movies. (Which I’m not sure I’m doing if Tron & a couple other refrubs - especially Epcot - may not be ready even by then)

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Yeah they haven’t opened it up that far yet, and have not indicated when they will


I’ve had that error message 3 or 4 times now. For 2020 and 2021. I wonder if has something to do with your home country. It seems people in the US aren’t having trouble, but people in the UK and Canada are having trouble. Maybe Covid related travel restrictions?

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I had to use VPN (aka pretend I’m in the US) to not get Donald Duck🤪