Unable to copy plan

I’m logged into my dashboard, trying to copy a plan and getting this message:

The change you wanted was rejected.
Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to.

Am I doing something wrong or does this sound like a system glitch?

Sound like a glitch I just accessed one of my plans from the dashboard and copied it and the message I got was "PLan copied use controls to rename and customise further. Try to access the plan via the personalised plans page and not the dashboard that might help.

That worked like a charm, thank you for the suggestion!

I’m experiencing the same issue again; this time both accessing the TP directly from the dashboard and going through the personalized plans page and then trying to copy it gives me the same error message I posted at the top of the thread. I’m not sure where I should post this, if it needs to go elsewhere please let me know!

You can email webmaster@touringplans.com to see if they can help. They’re normally pretty quick at replying.

Thank you!