Ultimate Day of Thrills — would you take the risk?

The first iteration of my plan for my upcoming trip at the end of June included the Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP tour.

I cancelled it partly because it required an early start (check in at 8.15am — and I’m staying off property) and partly because of cost ($299+tax).

I’m now wondering if I’ve made a mistake. Here’s why.

First, I think I was somewhat spoilt during my trip last August — crowd levels were pretty low. Predictions for my trip this year are for much higher crowd levels. Given that I’ve limited my time in the parks because of a desire to chill out in the house I’m staying in and to make time for leisurely dining experiences, I’m worried about getting the rides in that I want to ride. Tiered FPPs in some parks mean I’m going to have to do at least some maybe lengthy queuing.

Second, I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Toy Story Land. If it’s open, I keep wondering if they’ll add on one or both of the new rides to the VIP tour — Disney likes to make things magical, right? I’ll be very disappointed if I miss out on that opportunity and end up spending a day in multi-hour long queues. (And quite possibly having to rope-drop, thus having to get up early anyway.)

But I’m also thinking there’s a risk that TSL won’t be open at all and I’ll miss out on TSMM, which is currently listed as included in the tour but, if it’s closed, clearly it won’t be and that will be disappointing.

So . . . spend more money, get up early, take the risk of a bonus at TSL, have a more chilled experience in the parks on other days — or not?

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What is the cancellation policy? If it is 24 or 48 hours, you could book it and punt the decision until closer to your trip when more clarity about TSL will be available.


Allegedly there is going to be an announcement today about TSL which might help you decide.

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I hear June 30…


Haha. Yes.

That’s pretty much ruled out the VIP tour. No way to fit it into the schedule now.