Ultimate Day for Young Families VIP Tour

Has anyone done this?

We will be a party of 5 in April 2015, so I’m debating between this package or the Premium VIP Tour. My sister and I are traveling with our kids - all boys, ages 4, 5, and 9. My child, the 4yo (42"), is an adventurous rider - we rode all three mountains at DLR before 11am on his 4th birthday. Definitely a splurge, so I want to make sure I’m making the smartest choice. Thanks, all! :smile:

Did you decide which tour to do @AliceInSeattle? I read your question when you originally posted it, but had no advice or experience. I’m sorry you didn’t get any input here.

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What would be your cost difference between the 2 tours? I currently have the Premium VIP Tour booked for November but I’m considering cancelling it because we upgraded to APs and the cost of the tour equals the cost of a discounted deluxe resort for approximately 6 nights. I’m still on the fence though because I think that it would be an amazing experience.

Either way, I think that whatever tour you choose will be great!

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I haven’t made any decision just yet - I guess I was hoping that someone would stumble along the post and tell me how great the Ultimate Day for Young Families Tour was, so I could save a little money. :smile:

The difference in cost is about $400, with the Premium VIP Tour being the more expensive option. The allure to the Premium VIP Tour is that it’s personalized to just our party of five. I agree; I think the experience would be amazing!!

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