UK visitor grocery deliveries to BC

Hi … sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I’ve searched and couldn’t find the answer.
For people from the UK I’ll be in the world in 12 days and am staying at BC … can I order some groceries online for delivery to the hotel ? and if so who am i best going with ? it’s only for bits and bobs sun cream, cereal bars, water etc
Any help greatly appreciated

Yes, you can!

There are several options, each of which (naturally) have different pricing and delivery charges …

Some of the better known ones are Garden Grocer, Dizzy Dolphin, Instacart and Amazon.

Amazon you have to be careful with. Basically if they use the US Postal Aervice you’ll be charged by the BC, if they use a courier like the others you won’t. Someone will post which is which; I get very confused so I won’t risk getting it wrong!

GG allow you to fax in your photo ID if you want alcohol delivered, the others need you to be there at the point of delivery to show it. Instacart shops at Publix, which is where we go to do our pr actual shopping while we’e there. But I’ve not used their delivery service.

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Thankyou ! GG looks great and will save us some money :moneybag:

Amazon Prime Pantry was no charge delivery to BC FWIW. Worked out well for us, but we did already have Amazon Prime.


Technically I think it was Amazon Prime Now rather than Pantry.

See, that’s where I get confused. One is treated as a grocery delivery, the other is treated like a normal package delivery, where you get charged by Disney for storing it.

Amazon don’t do grocery orders here in the U.K. yet… at least I don’t think they do. So the terminology is weird for us! :grinning:

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Yah - at first I went to the Amazon site to remember which we used & decided it must have been Pantry but then I saw another thread where someone differentiated between Prime Now & Pantry so I double checked.

We definitely used Amazon Prime Now in July at Beach Club - there’s a separate App for it on the Phone. Worked well and didn’t incur a charge at BC, although Amazon suggests a tip for their delivery and I tipped the bellman well when he brought up the order…

You can play around with Prime Now either via the App or the Amazon browser - just enter in the BC address and browse. You can fill your Cart now even so you’re ready, although it may be worth noting the really important items so that when you do finally place the order you get them. For us cereal was one of the big things, but I didn’t notice it got deleted between when I filled the cart & placing the order which was kind of annoying. Mostly my fault, but the App didn’t help in providing a list of what changed either…

Thanks for the response … think I’m swinging towards GG as I can get a few bottles of wine for lazy evenings on the balcony (if we get a full balcony of course :crossed_fingers:)

Don’t forget that you need to be a US Amazon Prime member to use Prime Now. They often run free 30-day trials which you can use if you want to try it out, but an,uk Prime membership is not enough to take advantage of the service. :slight_smile:


Do they accept UKers as members though, I wonder? Anyone know?

I’m pretty sure they do. I didn’t want to go ahead and start a trial in case it meant I couldn’t get it when I need it next year.

And Amazon do deliver groceries here.

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Yes, they do. You just sign up. I’ve been a member for a few years with no issues. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t realise you were from over here too.

I think we should have a U.K. meet up some time…

Well I’m in the Channel Islands, but close enough. :grinning:

Which one?

Been to Jersey several times when the boys were young. Seemed like a good place for sun and being able to buy nappies etc. Went for several years in a row, lots of happy memories. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve had a few organised on the FB page but nothing planned at the moment. I did share the last one here and on chat but I got no takers. It was quite a while ago, May 2017 I think.

Guernsey, although I lived in Jersey for a year too on a work secondment. Must admit I prefer Jersey, great place to live! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: