UK people -- getting home from the airport

I’m trying to decide whether to drive to the airport or take the train.

My return flight arrives in the UK at about 9am. It’s an eight-hour ish flight overnight. So I won’t have had much sleep. It’s about an hour and a half drive home from the airport. But it’s over three hours by train, including one and maybe two changes depending on when I get out of the airport. (It’s a Sunday so the trains are rubbish.)

How do you usually get home?

We get a taxi but we’re only 20 minutes away from home too. Last year DH wanted to drive but I wouldn’t let him, I said he would be too tired after the flight. He said he felt fine when we landed but I’d have still worried.

We usually drive - we are about 30 minutes from the airport. Given your choice I would drive - 90 mins should be fine, especially if you can get a couple of hours of (half) sleep on the plane. Nay downside of driving is no drinks on the last day of your holiday or on flight back.

We are about 90 minutes away and I will be driving.

My logic is that we will get some shut eye on the flight all be it minimal. But we have to be awake to get through customs and out of the airport, and it will be daylight.

There is a motorway services about half way home and I will probably pop in there, for a walk and a coffee.


Yes from Manchester to just below Sheffield so about 1 1/2 hours and drive. Depends where you are flying from we get Meet and Greet parking so once we have our stuff, we are away pretty quick.

Never really have an issue, we stop on the way for coffee and a McDonalds for the children.



That’s pretty much my journey. Manchester to Leeds. Am planning to leave car at Radisson Blu.


Then I would bin the Radisson Blu idea and park Meet and Greet just paid £90 for two weeks parking October



I take the train usually but Manchester is one of the few places we can travel to and from with no changes. I couldn’t face driving but I am a pretty terrible traveller. Not sure I would deal with the transfers well though so I think in your case driving is the lesser of two evild

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Yeah we drive. Manchester to Leicester. Doing it in August. Previously Gatwick to Leicester was a hard but with a stop at the services for a Starbucks and bacon sandwich you’re good for another hour or so. Trains with the times, luggage and fatigue (not to mention the adoring British public) are a no go for us!


I’d definitely avoid the trains on a Sunday. Traditionally the day they do the most rail works, so you could find yourself on a bus because the track is closed for maintenance or something.

I’ve got to drive home from Gatwick to Worcester after our next trip - about 3 hours. There’s no panic to get home though - i’ll just take it easy and listen to three people snoring around me :smile:


We will be driving from Gatwick to Stratford Upon Avon, me and DH take it in turns, half each! My DS is at Worcester Uni :grin: