UK Hotel and ticket discounts

The plan is to be at Universal next year at the end of August, we’ve been before so we know that we will definitely be staying at one of the three original hotels so we can get the express pass.
Now we normally book our theme park tickets through either ‘Attractions tickets direct’ or ‘Florida Tix’ as they actually deliver gate ready tickets, at a reasonable price.

But we’ve not found anywhere in the UK that does decent room rates, there seems to be a lot of deals within the US but being in the UK I can’t book those rates. We’ve stayed at Hard Rock and the Royal Pacific, so we are thinking maybe this time we should stay at the Portofino Bay, so any help and advice would be great.

I booked with last year, they were the cheapest I found but it was only a few quid difference everywhere I looked.

First off Porofino is AWESOME. We loved staying there. You basically had to take a bus to get from one end of the bathroom to the other it was so big - HA.
Have you tried - it is US based - but don’t see any reason why you couldn’t book via them. That is what we did.
Also for tickets - Undercover Tourist is great- once again US based - but think you can probably make arrangements even in UK

We can use, it wasn’t cheaper for me but may well be now. Our UK discounts for tickets are almost always better than anything you can get in the US, especially with the poor exchange rate, but even when the pound is strong.

Thanks Tigger you’ve made us more determined to go for Portofino just need to get the right deal now!!

NP. I’ve stayed in some very nice hotels (4 Seasons, Ritz, etc) and Portafino is a nice hotel. Rooms are big and it did remind of of Italy. Although we had a waterview room (got a great deal) - we spent about 10 minutes looking out the window - so I wouldn’t spend the $$ if it is significant.

I would however request a room that is somewhat close to the boat launch regardless of view.