UK 14 Day ticket question

Hi, this might be a dumb question but Disney have given me 2 different answers so I’m hoping that one of you brilliant people has the solution!
The UK 14 day tickets have an 18 day validity window, so there are 14 park days and 4 non-park days over the next 18 days when I first use it. The tickets include a free game of mini golf ‘every day’ - does this mean I can play mini-golf on any of the 18 days or does it have to be on one of the 14 park days?
It’s not a big deal either way but it’d be nice to plan :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the wording actually “every day” for the mini golf?

It used to be you got 14 entries to the parks and 14 “other experiences” such as water parks & mini golf. If that is the case you would still have the same 18 day period to use them.

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The exact wording from the message is one round per day, which doesn’t help much!

I’m pretty sure you have 14 entries for those extra things - water parks, mini golf etc.

Certainly in the past they could be on any day within the valid period of the tickets. You could use more than one each day I f you wanted to.


Ya, not exactly clear because it says on each day of your ticket … but is that the 14 day ticket, or the 18 day validity period.

I am getting this ticket for my Mom in September. But we are only going for 15 days, so either/or doesn’t matter.

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