Ughhh what to do


Trying to figure out vacation plans for May, week after Memorial Day. Me, I of course want to visit the house of the mouse. DH, Me, and DS 18 (the only kid we're taking- this will probably be his last hurrah before he's a grown up and does his own adult things, so thought it would be fun to travel as a group of adults since the next kid is 10)
We all want to do different things. DH wants to go to Hawaii or a cruise, no destination, though our only experience has been on DCL. DS wants to go to San Diego or somewhere with a beach. Mama wants to go to Orlando, and I may or may not have gotten a pin code good for the week we are planning on going...
How to convince them to go to Orlando... or even decide what to do! I'm inclined to do a few days at WDW and a few at Universal...we get a pretty good deal thru my work where we could stay on site and get their fast pass thingys (the name escapes me atm) for a good price,. It's not that I don't want to do those other things... it's that I'm the budget guru and I see the best value (and of course know the ins and outs of WDW and traveling around Orlando).... Soooooo anyone have any insight into why Orlando is the best idea?? :wink: OR anyone have a different suggestion other than what I've laid out?!
I've also considered a 3 night cruise (yeah, I know... but it's the only way I can think of to do multiple things) followed by some time at WDW/traveling around Central FL to see friends/family and go to the beach, Daytona Speedway, KSC...


If you can afford it the cruise followed by a week in Florida sounds like it would please everyone.


If you really feel this will be the last big trip you can predict taking with your eldest, I would follow his lead and take the trip he would most enjoy. After all, you and DH can take other trips together in the future.


To make everyone happy, maybe combine a WDW/Universal trip with a cruise including time at the beach. We did something similar last year- 1 day Sea World, 4.5 days WDW, followed by the 4 night Dream cruise which gave us a beach day at Castaway Cay. We then returned to Orlando and went to Universal for 2.5 days before flying home. It was amazing! Something like that would give your DH the cruise, your DS the beach (although you may need to switch out some park days for some beach days if one day isn't enough for him), and you the parks.


When I was growing up - my parents took us on vacation - and we had very little input into it. Good bad or ugly that was the way it was.

I am sure to a certain degree you want to do WDW because it keeps you DS - your DS a little longer (and I totally get that).

Having done DCL a few times we love it. I actually like the classic ships better as the larger ships are a cadre of people. I also think Universal is a good option as well followed by a short cruise perhaps (or cruise first). Hawaii is unlike anywhere else - the caribbean it is not. Perhaps you could fly to CA, do Disneyland for a few days and then continue onto hawaii. You could even stay at the DVC to get your fix.CA beaches - the water is COLD.

As your son wants to do beach - I would go with dear hubby and hit Hawaii. Plenty of great beaches, warm water, and scenery like nowhere else.


Sounds like your family has made their choices clear, and Hawai'i would seem to fit what the others want to do.

If you really, really feel that you HAVE to have a Disney aspect to this trip, there is the Aulani Resort on the island of Oahu.


I agree with OBNurseNH. Follow your eldest lead. San Diego, if you have not been, is a beautiful city. There is the world famous San Diego Zoo which takes a good 8 hours to tour. There is Hotel Del Coronado where the movie Some Like it Hot was filmed and looks a lot like the Grand Floridian in WDW. Beaches for miles and of course Sea World. If Disney is a must, Disneyland is about 1 1/2 hours north on the 5 freeway, and Universal Studios is about 2 hours away.
Norwegian Cruise Lines does a 7 day round trip cruise from Honolulu with each day being in port at a new location. Overnight on Maui and Kauai. Plane tickets to and from could be the most expensive part. The ship is called Pride of America. I worked on this ship as a Butler for 3 years, so if you have any questions, ask away.


San Diego for 3-4 days + Disneyland for 3 days should make everyone happy, they are only about an hour and a half apart. I wouldn't go to WDW if that's not what everyone else wanted to do. I'd love Hawaii but that's a whole different budget ballpark depending on where you are flying from.