Ugh. Summer sales contemporary or yacht club?

Never thought I would consider springing for the contemporary. But w summer sales I can get a garden complex garden view for about $40 more a night then yacht club garden view which is booked. Is it worth it? Please help. Thx. Dj

Love the CR and being able to walk to MK. But for summer travel you can’t beat the pool at BC/YC. Are you swimming people? Likely to spend more time at EP or MK?

Going in late August so normally rain in late afternoon. But sounds like you feel they are very comparable. If that’s the case the yacht club is cheaper and Loki g the walk ability to epcot.

Is the garden complex reality not the contemporary? Concerned if staying there it might be a good idea to spring for the main building which is much more money.

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Garden Wing, Garden View is our favourite location. Nothing beats walking to MK. Funny enough, I’ve always wondered about staying at the Yacht Club.

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For me it would be Yacht Club all the way. I find the sterility of the CR to be completely “unmagical”, and as I probably spend less time at the MK than at other parks, the walking bene really isn’t all that much of a draw. I’d MUCH rather be able to walk to EP or DHS. And although I don’t spend a lot of time at the pool, SAB is arguably the best resort pool on property, and the CR pool is an ugly cement rectangle surrounded by more cement. At the YC you also have about a dozen restaurants of varying levels within walking distance - not count to all of the WS and DHS choices which aren’t that much further away.

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If F & W is going on YC for ability to walk to Epcot.