Ugh FPP day, but thankful for your help!

So… FPP day did not go well this morning. Our first 4 days had very limited availability (FEA not until 7pm, ETwB not until 5pm, SDMT not until 8pm etc). I did eventually get a FPP for everything, but I had to juggle our days a LOT. So now it’s back to the drawing board with TP to try to get it all straightened out!

On a different note, without your advice I would have been a mess this morning stressing out. I was able to work quickly & adapt our days to work with the available FPP. So thank you to everyone for your help in preparation! I look forward to posting a trip report once we return :slight_smile:


When I had my FPP morning I was a little frustrated as well… No FoP for the day I had planned etc. But I kept checking back during the day to modify my FP+ times and I eventually organized them pretty much the way I had planned. I still had to make a few adaptations though…
I also checked back to see if any new FP+ appeared on my 30-day mark and a lot of new options for FoP were available. Yay!!
Of course Disney changed all the park hours during my stay and included more dates for RoL, so I guess we never stop adapting our plans…
Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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