Ugh, eyes are bigger'n my stomach

So I have to choose between 2 ADRs. Liberty Tree Tavern or Kona Cafe. Completely different menus, venues, and experiences. But to avoid having my insides explode, I need to nix one.

Thoughts on which one I should keep? Never been to either.

Lunch or dinner?

Kona late Lunch, LTT early dinner

Then I would say Kona since the platter does not appeal to me at LTT but you may prefer it?


We liked both but Kona is the one we have chosen to go back to and felt like LTT was nice once but we don’t need to go back. Kona’s macadamia nut butter and bread are worth the trip for us alone :slight_smile:


Kona. I have always been a fan of LTT but you have to go hungry. Am I right to assume you are going solo? When I go to LTT solo I am sure to have a later breakfast, snack in the afternoon and no lunch. Even then you wont finish the food

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I don’t know as it has been years since we went to LTT (when they still had character dining) BUT - I love the title of your post - made me laugh. I’ve never eaten at Kona. Heard they changed the menu recently

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Well now, that makes that easy. Thanks all!

Kona has been my worst meal on property with the worst service December 2017. My family returned October 2018 and said it was still awful for slow service but enjoyed the food.

This is prior to the menu change.

They were happy when I told them they could get Tonga Toast at Captain Cooke’s.

We did Liberty Tree Tavern Spring Break 2017 and it still rates as one of our favorite meals. If you do Liberty Tree Tavern at lunch, they have a regular menu or the platter.Liberty Tree Lunch Menu

I had the same experience at Kona twice. The service was so bad it ruined the meal for me. I gave it another try and it was just as bad. We like the food but because of the service I cannot return.

I’ve never seen service like that anywhere else in WDW. They ended up compensating us by giving us any ride FP and I didn’t make a big stink about anything…just mentioned to the manager when she stopped by our table that I was disappointed with the slow service.

We waited over 30 minutes for a table and could clearly see that there were multiple tables open and multiple tables that hadn’t been cleared from the previous diners.

Then service was slow getting our meal.

We had basically the same exact experience. Waited forever for a table when there were clearly tables open and then waited forever for our drinks, meals, etc. We also mentioned to the manager when she stopped by and they ended taking some off of the bill. I am a pretty patient person and slow service usually doesn’t bother me so this was pretty bad. That is why I gave it a second chance.

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