Uber to a grocery store around Walt Dinsey World or use Garden Grocer

We are not renting a car this trip and will need to pick up groceries. Has anyone used Uber or Lyft to get to a local grocery store and what was the cost? We’ve read some good things about Garden Grocer, but would go either way.

Thanks everyone!


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I’m sure Garden Grocer will be the more expensive option, but have used them for our last 4 trips and again in 2 weeks. Just can’t beat the convenience of having it delivered right to your room.

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It’s vacation. Don’t go grocery shopping. Even if it cost you $20 more to have GG do it than you doing it yourself, it’s way easier to let them do it and bring it right to your room!

Plus, the money you’ll spend on Uber/Lyft will likely be the same as any charge you’ll have to pay GG.


Garden Grocer! Time is money! Have your groceries waiting for you when you arrive!


We have done garden grocer a couple of times. You can’t beat the convenience. However, the selection may not always be what you want. If you just have to have a certain brand, flavor, size, etc you may not get it through garden grocer.