Uber or Lyft transportation

Uber or Lyft? Which is the better choice to go from Pop to Portifino?

I preferred Lyft because they didn’t bait and switch. Lyft seemed cheaper when I used it.

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I use whichever is cheaper, or has a coupon/code.

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I know in many areas both have been unreliable due to driver shortages but I imagine a popular like Orlando would be better?

Has anyone experienced long wait times?

Lyft seemed cheaper - after a while I stopped checking Uber. My longest wait was about 15 mins and it was at the Poly near MK closing time so not unexpected.

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I always thought Lyft was preferred bc MV is Lyft and service t area better.

That’s not a reason I’ve ever seen. We just went with price.

That’s been my policy over a number of trips. The only time I look at Uber is if the price or wait time seem excessive.

I have asked drivers that drive for both how they prefer to be booked and they always say Uber. I don’t know why but I thought there was something specific to Orlando/FL?

We’ve used Lyft twice in the last week down here. BC to TL and BC to DS (around 6p). Both were about $15 for an XL. Both took less than 5 minutes to arrive. But time of day makes all the difference. My wife and oldest son wanted to go to DS last night after closing EP and it was too long a wait and surge prices.

Are there any other transportation service you all would recommend instead of uber or Lyft? Don’t know how comfortable us two old people are with unknown drivers. All recommendations are welcome.

I would feel more comfortable with Uber or Lyft than Mears taxi. Mears stood me up at Epcot during my last trip, and it wasn’t fun.

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Interesting that Uber has been cheaper for me recently. However I hate the the switch in wait time after I book!

If you are on property, Lyft’s Minivans are an option. More expensive, but they are driven by Disney cast members. That has made others more comfortable.